Is Your Logo Artwork Causing You Headaches?

Having the right artwork makes all the difference in how your promotional products turn out. The most common misconception about artwork I’ve seen over the past 20+ years in graphic design is, overwhelmingly, the submission of JPG files as usable art. Nine times out of ten, when I ask a client to email their logo they send a JPG file. Why isn’t that acceptable? Two reasons: quality and edit ability.

The highest quality, sharpest artwork will make the best imprint on a product. And when dealing with graphic images, there are two types, either bitmaps or vector. Without getting too technical, I’ll explain the difference between them and why you should always submit vector art for the best quality print job.

Have you ever wondered why some graphics look smooth and clear while others appear fuzzy or jagged? The result is due to the image type.

Bitmap images are made up of a grid of dots, or pixels, each pixel containing color information. A bitmap may appear clear to the eye on your computer screen, but when printed out you will see the dots or pixels making up the image. And the image will become even more jagged when enlarged.

In contrast, vector images are made up of shapes and lines that are described mathematically, so that when the image is enlarged or reduced in size it remains clear and smooth. Vector images can also be easily edited, changing colors, sizes of different elements, text, etc.

The graphic artist who created your original logo should be able to provide you with a vector file. Ask for it, and keep it in a safe place for all your promotional printing needs. It will save you additional artwork fees in the future. If you can’t get a vector file for your logo, don’t panic! We can recreate your logo in vector format, ending all future artwork headaches. We’ll even keep it on file for future orders so we’ll be ready to provide you with an artwork proof quickly and easily!

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