4 Easy Tips for Ordering Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Custom Family Reunion T-Shirt Design

So…You just found the perfect family reunion t-shirt design and you're excited because it looks awesome! You know that your family members are going to LOVE it! You now have the vector artwork files that I sent you along with a link to order your custom family reunion apparel direct from my shop…So what’s the best way to proceed and get the most for your hard earned dollars?

The first thing to consider is the quantity of t-shirts you need and if you will be ordering them as a group or individually. If you can order them in one large press run, that would give you most bang for your buck. Here are some options to consider based on your circumstances:

1. Print a large order for all the t-shirts at once with your local screen printer. If you know that everyone at the family reunion will want a t-shirt and can pay for the large order all at once, this is definitely your best money saving option because the more shirts that are printed at one time with your local screen printer the lower the per t-shirt cost will be. And since you already have the camera-ready, vector artwork file of your custom design (if I did your design you will have this ;) you are all set and should not incur any additional artwork set up fees. See my earlier blog post, “10 Money Saving Tips For Screen Printed T-Shirts,” for more details about working with your local screen printer.

Custom Family Reunion T-Shirt Tank Top Designs

2. Let each family members choose and order their own family reunion apparel. If you want to give family members the option of ordering different styles of t-shirts, tank tops, or sweatshirts with your custom design on them, just send them the link to the custom design in my store that you received from me and let them order what they want. This will give families the flexibility to order the styles they like best but everyone will still have the same design on their apparel. NOTE: If you have a color scheme for the reunion, you may just want to request that everyone order a certain color(s) of apparel to stick with the theme.

3. Wait for a SALE! If you choose to order direct from my shop and are not in a huge hurry then I’d recommend waiting to order until there is a sale. Spreadshirt, which is the printer I use for my shop, usually runs a sale every couple weeks and I always let my subscribers and followers know about these sales. So make sure you subscribe to my email list and/or follow my Facebook Page to get notice of all sales. I know that there will be a FREE SHIPPING offer soon…I think it starts the end of this week. But I’ll let you know!

Custom Dog Pet Bandana for Family Reunion

4. Don’t forget your furry family members! Your pets are a huge part of your family so why not get them something special for the family reunion too? With every custom family reunion design I do, I also include a FREE custom design for your pet that can be printed on a bandana. It’s an inexpensive way of including your pets in the family reunion festivities and showing a little extra love!

So...If you haven't ordered your custom family reunion design yet, head on over to my SERVICES page and see what catches your eye! And if you have something totally different in mind, there is an option to purchase a completely custom design as well. Shoot me an email if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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