Tell Your Brand’s Story - The Key to a Competitive Marketing Edge

What is your brand’s story? Do your customers know your story?

You may be surprised at what a difference storytelling can make in your marketing. Storytelling offers a way to connect with your audience without boring or annoying them half-to-death. People don’t want to feel like they're being sold. People want to be entertained. They want to “feel” something - a connection with their desires and emotions. That’s why the best advertising happens when people don’t even realize it’s advertising.

Think about watching TV. How often do you mute the commercials or use that time to grab a snack from the kitchen or take a bathroom break? Unless, of course, it’s the Super Bowl when we all hope to at least be a little entertained by the efforts put into the advertisers’ million-dollar time slots! And even then, only a select few seem to be memorable.

So how can you connect with your customers in a way that entertains and speaks to their desires and emotions? Tell them a story!

A Perfect Example of Storytelling in Marketing

I happen to be a huge fan of NBC’s The Voice. If you’ve ever watched it, you know that in addition to the incredible musical entertainment there is also a lot of storytelling woven into each show. As the weekly competitions unfold, you may find yourself picking your favorite “voices” not just for the unique talent they bring to the music industry but also for the emotional stories they bring. Stories of tragedy and triumph. Stories of struggle and hope. Stories that the producers masterfully intertwine with each contestant’s performance to connect emotionally with their audience and “market” them to America. And it works! It’s a perfect example of storytelling in marketing. Because that’s what drives the “Live” competitions and compels America to vote for their favorite artists. They are all incredible artists. So, in the end, it may all come down to emotions and the magic of storytelling in marketing.

Discover Your Brand’s Story – Gain a Competitive Edge

If you own a business, then your brand has a story. Just like contestants on The Voice each have a story that begins to shape their brand as an artist. That story may not be as compelling or remotely interesting as you’d like it to be. But the one thing your story will always have is that it is 100% yours. It’s unique in every sense of the way. Even if you don’t think your story is interesting, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some way for you to extrapolate all the best parts and use them to give the customer a reason to care about you and your business. Sometimes the smallest detail can mean the difference between you and your competitors.

If you’re having trouble discovering your story, here are a few questions to ponder that may spark some ideas.

[if !supportLists]· [endif]How did your business start? Is there an interesting story behind it’s beginning?

[if !supportLists]· [endif]What struggles have you had to overcome? Emotional ups and downs – triumphs?

[if !supportLists]· [endif]How has your business changed over the years? Or has it stayed exactly the same?

[if !supportLists]· [endif]What is the single most interesting fact about your business history? A most interesting

detail that most people wouldn’t know about?

[if !supportLists]· [endif]What other interesting facts about you and your business could you share with your

customers on a weekly or monthly basis to help tell your story and continue to entertain?

Don’t be afraid to share your story. You may think that people simply don’t care, but they do! When customers connect emotionally with your business, they will be loyal customers. It just might be the missing piece to your marketing plan. You just might be surprised!

I hope that you find this article helpful. I’d love to see how you decide to use storytelling in your marketing. Please send me links to your stories and I’ll do my best to share them with others who could benefit.

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