Introducing - Download T-Shirt Designs & Templates

Well, I finally did it! I've been thinking about doing this for a long time. For the past 20+ years I've created hundreds of t-shirt designs. And they have just been sitting on my hard drive, doing nothing. So now I'm putting them to work - no more slacking!

Download T-Shirt Designs Website

I've taken my most popular screen print designs and converted them for multiple uses by many people...not just screen printers. But screen printers might also find them useful!

~ Ready-to-Print Designs - Download t-shirt designs perfect for uploading to print-on-demand sites like Spreadshirt, Teespring, Etsy and others, to print on t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise for personal use or to sell in your t-shirt shops. Designs are delivered in PNG, EPS, and SVG formats, ready for immediate download, that can be used for any printing method.

~ Custom Design Templates - Download t-shirt design templates to customize for your needs. You'll find templates for many different uses including: school & sports teams, organization fundraisers, family reunions, homecoming events, business advertising, and more. Templates are delivered in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe PDF formats, ready for immediate download. These vector files can be customized to meet your needs.

So, you're wondering who might find these designs useful...and why? I'm glad you asked, because I made a list!

Download T-Shirt Designs Website Uses

Thanks for taking time to learn more about Designs4Screen. There are so many different individuals, business owners, groups, and organizations that can benefit from these designs and templates. And there are so many creative ways you can use them. Future blog posts on the site will focus on the different uses in greater detail and give you some creative usage ideas.

So, please head over to the website and check it out. And while you're there, click on the BIG ORANGE BUTTON to get your first download FREE! You'll also receive notices when new designs are available and special discounts as a VIP Member.

Go create something awesome!!!

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