NEW Custom Thanksgiving Referral Cards 

for use during the Thanksgiving holiday season. 

These multi-purpose cards will:

  • Say “Thank You” to your current customers during the Thanksgiving season.

  • Stimulate repeat business by offering a special discount/gift on future visits.

  • Encourage referrals with the removable “pass it on” referral discount/gift card.

The referral card also doubles as a business card!

These cards will be customized with your own personal message, discount or gift offer, and business card information including your logo. They can either be hand distributed to customers at the time of service, or mailed to your customer list. With your printed order, you'll also receive a FREE digital version to email out to your clients. 

If you don't want the printed cards but would like a digital version to email or post on social media...there is a digital only option available too.

And be sure to check out the Social Media Graphics pack also available so that you can easily spread the "THANK YOU's" to everyone in your social feeds!